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Originally these pages were just going to be an outlet for some of my creative work, and some place for me to voice my opinions on life the universe and everything. For the most part I’ve not changed the original content, but I’m increasingly being asked to describe what I do when I bump into new people. They will invariably want to know about one particular area of what I do, so the site has since expanded.


If I’m asked ‘what do you do ?’ in a work context, I could say, ‘I do lots of things’, but not everyone gets that answer. Understandably, people don’t always understand that I can do a lot of things, enjoy them all, and still earn a living from combining them. Rather than make people uncomfortable, I will generally say ‘I’m a consultant’, but it has become such a vague description, and not always an accurate one. So to clarify that, it depends who’s asked and in what situation.


Given that I seem to end up in all manner of business areas, I have picked up a few things over the years. Its quite heartbreaking to see other business go through the same growing pains as I’ve seen before and its troubling to see  issues being repeated when I could simply spend a bit more of my time to help out. As a little personal project, my business partner and I asked a few small business owners if they’d like us to talk to them about reviewing their businesses activities, and offering a few words of advice on some of the more challenging areas they saw.


I’ve spent a big part of my life concentrating on the traditional career, doing the doing. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that I’ve spent a lot more time exploring my creative side. For me this has mostly been photography, but more recently I’ve taken to writing. I still have much to learn, but I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.

What I Do

This site is a portal to the activities I work on, both business and pleasure. Its a place for me to post articles on the world as I see it.
We all have our alter ego’s and persona’s, but I’m a firm believer in that people ‘buy’ people in all contexts, be it a personal relationship or the relationships we conduct in our business. I like to know who I’m interacting with and given one of my core principles is openness and honesty, I see no reason why I wouldn’t post my views and interests as a means of offering that openness and honesty online.
I value the following: Openness, honesty, fairness, forgiveness, compassion, learning, intelligence, and justice. I’m not terribly good with fools, and do not suffer them gladly.

Leisure & Lifestyle

Music & Hi-Fi

I’m a teenager of the 80’s and my music taste hasn’t really shifted since then. I’m a lover of the retro hi-fi from that era and vinyl is my medium of choice.


I’m lucky enough to ‘live the dream’ as my daughter tells me. I have a lot of time for my own personal projects, and I just love to travel. My plan when I started this blog was at least four holidays a year. Now living in SE Asia its far more. I’ve seen quite a bit of the world through both leisure and business.


I’m an avid reader, mostly in the business, lifestyle and self-help sections, a lot of which is done on the kindle, but I can’t help browsing through the shelves of second-hand and charity shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m often asked, “What do you do ?” and given I do many things, people really do find my answer somewhat baffling. I’m passionate about many things, ranging from giving my clients value for money, and helping them solve their problems, to spending my time creatively writing and taking photographs. I like to get business ideas launched and see people and organisations succeed. I like good design, and wonderful service. I’m a believer in taking the old and turning it into new, and I’m really not good with material things, tending more toward the value in experiences. I like travel, and meeting interesting and engaging people.


I help some well known companies deliver on their strategy, generally through managing their business cases, programmes and projects. My specialities are Management and Technology. I have a knack for understanding problems, framing them in a way that’s easy to understand, and using the available resources to resolve them. I’ve really enjoyed working with my clients, and from what they say, the feeling was mutual.

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Web Design and WordPress Support

I run a business helping clients build and support their websites. We help commercial and NGO clients build simple focused websites that convert visitors to customers.. We help support those with WordPress websites and help them get the most out of the platform, so they can focus on their business. Take a look at Digital Rain for WordPress Development and SEO.


I’m the author of the Minimalist Blog, Two Less Things, where my views on consumerism and stuff have featured in magazines, radio, and the web.

Coaching and Mentoring

I help businesses and individuals identify their strengths, understand their goals, and find the resources they need to fulfil their personal and business aspirations. I offer free introductory sessions, working with people from all walks of life, and get a real sense of gratification when people take on board the frameworks we discuss and use them to succeed. Contact me for more details.

I would have to describe you as ‘Professional Mavericks’ – a very refreshing approach indeed.

CEO - Top 10 Global Accountancy Practice

Credit where credit is due, we would be in a right old sticky mess of brown stuff, if you weren’t here. It has been great working with you.

Innovation Manager, Web Developments

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