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My name is Chris Wray and I’m a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, photographer, and consultant. I started blogging in 2009 as a way to explore some of the changes in my life, and to share my evolving story.

I’ve always felt that I was perhaps  ‘a little different’ to my friends and colleagues. I want something different from life and I don’t prescribe to the ‘conveyor lifestyle’ that quite a lot of people seem to. I’m driving my bus, rather than being a passenger on it, if that makes sense.

I’ve started to spend more time writing, generally 3 pages a day, about 500 words. Most of it completely random, but I hope at some point to create a book from the scribbles that better describe my life and how I got to where I am today. I’m hoping that writing about the lessons I’ve had to learn, mostly the hard way, will help others who want to explore some of the changes I’ve made.

I’m some way off the print version, but I’m hoping that those reading these words will contact me and suggest topics for the book. With this subtle motivation, it may well get completed a little quicker.

About this site . . .
Chris Wray.me is about my awesome life, the work I do, the photographs I take, the music I love, and being happy. I post a few articles a week on photos I take, quotes I hear, and those things I do. 
Since 2009, I’ve been interested in Lifestyle Design and Work Design. I’ve read and listened to others who made a conscious change to how they live and work that breaks free of the mould we’ve seen for the last century. I believe the future of work will change significantly in the next 5 to 10 years, and I feel I’m one of those that would not benefit, if I were in a ‘traditional’ job.

There is no one-size fits all approach to life, happiness, and that elusive work-life balance, which is why I write from my experiences. I suggest some part of what I see, do, and feel, may be of interest to others. After spending the last five years going through a divorce, unemployment from a traditional role, a troubled mind, a successful business, overwork, euphoria and back again, I know first hand about a lot a things I never would have considered appearing as a possibility in my life. 

I’ve gone through the phases of what most people would consider a successful life and career. I didn’t start so well in school or college, but once I found my unique skills, I made what other people call a ‘success of life’. I was a Director in a number of successful International businesses, had a big house, a family, and in my mid-life crisis a sports car. 
These experiences were all valuable in hindsight, and I often reflect on them as I begin to learn that there is another option to living a future that I feel far happier about, even if it is sometimes difficult to explain. 

My past: the short summary
I have a career in managing people, and complex technical things, and more recently legislation , finance and legal. I build WordPress websites, teach photography, write, and mentor people. I run two consultancy businesses where my clients generally want me to help them deliver projects, and manage all of the complexities and stakeholders in doing so. I’m described as a ‘safe pair of hands’ which means I’m left to get on with things. Just the way I like it.
As an entrepreneur, I’m always interested in helping others in business, and love to apply some of the knowledge I’ve gained to problems faced by those starting out in business, or  seeing new changes for those who’ve been running a business for some time. 

All of the photographs here are licensed under Creative Commons. Briefly that means I let others copy, distribute and/or display my copyrighted photos, but only if you give me credit. You may not use my photographs for commercial purposes unless we agree written and signed terms. ( Its not as bad or as expensive as it sounds by the way, and anyone licensing images on a fairly regular basis will find me flexible to work with )
When you use my photographs please credit me, Chris Wray, with a hyperlink back to this site.

Disclosure Policy
I’m planning to be a member of select affiliate programs, which means I may receive a commission when you purchase goods or services through this site. You’ll not be surprised to hear that I wouldn’t recommend things I don’t already use myself, or would if I had need for them.

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Thank you so much for your support and comments.


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