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This page describes the website article; Business mentor London & Cambridge. What is a Business mentor ? A Business mentor, simply put, is someone who helps you understand the aspects of your current business and helps you make the changes you desire. These can be solutions to problems, or assistance in growing or enhancing areas of your business. Running your own business, either as a shared owner or going it alone, can be one of the most thrilling adventures. It enables you to make changes to your life, as well as providing value to your customers.

Sadly, as with many things, it can throw up some challenges, these can be negative, like problems in cash flow, operational issues and problems with staff. To positive challenges, like how to service a growing customer base, or managing new resource efficiently as you take on new projects. Sometimes you need a hand, and someone to help. Sometimes you feel like a rabbit in the headlights and have so much on, you just need a guide to point you what is most important.

This is where the business mentor comes in. We can all change how our business operates, however challenging or unbelievable that may sound. Trust me, I’ve done it myself, growing a number of businesses of my own as well those I’ve been employed by. I’ve detailed some of the more common business mentor assignments below.

Whilst I operate out of the East End of London, and the South villages of Cambridge, I do travel throughout the UK on business mentoring  assignments.

Business mentor London & Cambridge

Business Mentor London & Cambridge

Business Mentor typical assignments

A general business review and benchmarking

Looking at a number of aspects of your business and drawing comparisons with best practice, with the results providing a clear plan for overall improvements.

Sales, Marketing and communication

Looking at your products and/or services, who your customers are, how the sales process is conducted and how this is communicated internally and with your customers and sales channels. How do you put the customer at the heart of your business ?

HR, Staff management, and training

The management of people, with the diversity of personality, skills, management and empowering them to do the best for you and your clients.


Examining the processes within your business, how people, technology and resources deliver to your clients, and react in the event of unseen circumstances.


A review of your business model, your products and services, cash flow, forecasting for growth, and managing cost.

Leadership and individual coaching and mentoring

Understanding the needs of the individuals within your business and empowering them to excel.

  If you feel that any of these circumstances describe your business in some way, and you’d like a business mentor, do please get in touch for a free and confidential initial consultation. This article on Business mentor in London & Cambridge , first featured on

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