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Business Plan Template and other useful stuff.

A huge thank you to the Impact Hub Phnom Penh and the fantastic audience who attended the presentation. As promised, here are the notes from what was likely the quickest business planning lesson ever.

Presentation Slides





By clicking on the icon above, you can access and download the slides from the presentation.

The Business Plan Template

The Word document I used during the presentation can be found on this site. While it might not be the best version ever created, it serves as a good starting point and is superior to many other free alternatives available. I recommend using this business plan template as a foundation and building upon it, rather than considering it a completed product.

The Business Plan Spreadsheet





By clicking on the icon above, you can download the spreadsheet I demonstrated during the presentation. Although it is just a template, it does produce high-level numbers for a year of operation. I used this spreadsheet for my own business – simply modify the numbers to fit your product and operational expenses.

Other Links

During the presentation, I mentioned, an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. The website offers free information, and you can download their podcast on iTunes. Although their style may require some acclimation, the information they provide is invaluable for those just starting out, with even experienced entrepreneurs finding some useful insights. I have subscribed to their paid service, which offers five weeks free.

I also showcased two books from the Impact Hub library, which are available for borrowing by members and can be purchased on Amazon:

Business Model Generation







Business Model Generation Amazon Link








Value Proposition Design Amazon Link

There’s another book in the series specifically for solopreneurs, which I found to be incredibly valuable:

Business Model You







Business Model You Amazon Link


Other Business Planning Presentations

The majority of the information for the slides was sourced from a five-week course that I conducted at the Impact Hub. You can visit the course page here and download the full presentations for each of the business model areas. Although the course focused on technology startups, much of the advice is applicable to all types of small businesses.

Free Advice

My offer to help was genuine, and I am eager to hear any feedback you might have. Feel free to reach out and let me know how your business development progresses. You can find the contact page is here.

I provide mentoring for both small businesses and individuals. The initial session is free, and my rates for ongoing support are highly competitive. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me

… and finally.

Lastly, I wanted to share two entrepreneur-related resources that landed in my inbox recently. They may prove useful to you as well:

7 Netflix documentaries every entrepreneur should watch

Never start with more than a minimum viable product


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