Pipemasters Hawaii 2012


I ran a full-time photography business for a couple of years, shooting mostly commercial assignments, but also did the obligatory weddings and family portraits. I’ve stopped taking photographs for anything other than personal pleasure now. I’ve been an adopter, along with many, of the Fuji cameras. Smaller, lighter and with image quality that matches the likes of my Canon 5D Mk II’s.


As I mentioned this is a new area for me. More an experiment, but I get a great deal of satisfaction from stringing words together, especially where it galvanises the emotions. Its true, the pen can sometimes be more powerful than the sword. I was inspired by the ‘Morning Pages’ exercise created by Julia Cameron in The Artists Way.


As well as this blog, I write fairly regularly on Minimalism. I’m one of the advocates that life is about experiences and not about things. I have quite a few readers now, gaining a good following after airing my thoughts on BBC radio and the BBC Global website. The Two Less things blog is here.

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