I like to think of myself as an Entrepreneur, I’ve started a number of successful businesses as well as having spend many years running large international chunks of other people’s businesses. I’ve seen both the good and the bad sides of how things should be done. I seem to have made a career out of doing stuff that is difficult.

I offer help to those who are getting their own business off the ground. I love to talk to people who are passionate about what they do, and just need a bit of help in one or two areas where they don’t have the skills or experience.

I offer help on the following basis:

– Helping out for free

– Help for a fee

– Help and investment

This help can be anything from initial business case, managing what they do and how they operate, getting to market, or looking after programmes of work with or without customers at the end. I’ve spent time in finance, legal, operations and customer service. Then there’s people, and how to motivate them, and occasionally show them the door.

My background is in telecoms, software development, eCommerce, Retail, Mobile, and customer service. I’ve worked with startup organisations, family businesses and international giants.

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