Help with WordPress

So you’ve got a WordPress website and its not quite the way you want it and you need just a bit of help. I’ve been in this position too and with over a dozen WordPress installs under my belt, I’ve probably already had, and eventually fixed the issue you’re seeing.

I can:

  • Help with installing WordPress
  • Help with installing WordPress Themes and fixing some of the issues associated with them
  • Help with selecting and installing the right WordPress Plugins
  • Help fixing your WordPress site when you’ve completely killed it
  • Help you help yourself, by giving you an overview of how to look after your WordPress Website

I offer this training and tuition to both businesses and individuals.

Why not contact me.

I’m based in Cambridge and London, but can fix sites all over the UK, and can talk to you by phone and Skype.

Most simple issues can be solved for £50 or less.

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