About Me

Thanks for clicking on my Instagram bio link. This is the page that will explain briefly what I do and from here you can go and take a look at my other sites for the content that’s most relevant to you.

This Site

This is my personal site and mostly contains my photographs, links to my social profiles and feeds and has the occasional blog entry or two. It will also contain links to my ‘Where’s Chris’ posts which tell you where I am in the world.

Chris Wray Consulting

I fix problems with technology. So that’s fixing the problems by using technology and fixing the problems with technology. I also help improve your productivity with Asana, GSuite, Zapier, Pipedrive and other tools. If you’re interested in achieving more in the time you have, it’s definitely worth a look. 

Digital Rain

I run a Digital Agency and we help clients become more successful online. This includes building an online strategy, auditing what they have and then implementing a plan, and of course creating content and measuring its success in achieving goals. I specialise in Ecommerce and payment gateways, as well as SEO.


I help people achieve their goals. For those who are struggling to understand what their goals should be and who are feeling a little lost, I help them too. And for entrepreneurs and small business owners and managers, I help you work out how to achieve more by understanding what really is important within the business.

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