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What is a Lifestyle Mentor ?

A Lifestyle Mentor, simply put, is someone who helps you understand the aspects of your current lifestyle and helps you make the changes you desire. It may all sound a bit woolly, but life is a full-on thing sometimes, balancing work, home life, and commitments, trying to get projects off the ground. Sometimes you need a hand, and someone to help. Sometimes you feel like a rabbit in the headlights and have so much on, you just need a guide to point you what is most important. This is where the lifestyle mentor comes in. We can all change our lifestyle, however challenging or unbelievable that may sound. Trust me, I’ve done it myself. I became my own Lifestyle Mentor. If you’re stuck in the office reading this, or dreading going to the office tomorrow, maybe a lifestyle mentor can help you find a way out of the dread of work .

Lifestyle mentor London & Cambridge

If you’re sat dreaming of beaches, desperate to get away from your current situation, why not contact me and see if I can help mentor you to reach your lifestyle goals. If you feel like you’re putting in all the effort but seem to be standing still or taking a step back for every one you take forward. Do you have a dream of an ideal lifestyle, it just seems as far away now as it ever did. I’d like to help you review where you are, look at all of the factors that influence your life, from people to work, to what you do in your spare time. Then we compare and contrast that to what you dream of, what you get really passionate about, how you’d like the future to be, both long and short term. Then I’d like to give you a series of tools and exercises to help you take small steps to understanding what needs to change. Empowering you do make those changes, taking gradually larger steps to your new lifestyle, building your confidence as you do so. We all suffer setbacks, both large and small, so it should be no surprise that when making lifestyle changes, that you may encounter similar challenges. I can help you learn new ways to overcome the physical and mental barriers stopping you from achieving the results you desire, and changing the way you think about obstacles large and small, you may encounter in future. If you feel that any of these circumstances describe you in some way, and you’d like a lifestyle mentor, do please get in touch for a free and confidential initial consultation. This article on Lifestyle Mentor in London & Cambridge , first featured on

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