Managing the business is just one part of being a business owner, and its not always about just bringing in an income. For me certainly, it was not only about running my own businesses, but the lifestyle that afforded me. I worked only part-time for a year, spent some time on a tropical island, and worked from coffee shops. Businesses have numerous other things to juggle, from family and child-care to multiple projects, as well as seeming swamped at times and working multiple jobs and burning the midnight oil. As I found out myself, this can be to your personal detriment. Stress increases, health takes a dive, or everyone seems to have control over your time. I offer clients an opportunity to ‘step back’ and take a good long look at not only how they manage their business, but how this fits in with what they want from life as individuals. I provide a framework to look at life with different glasses. Tease from this the good things, and those less so. Talk about their goals in their many life roles and help them produce and start implementing a plan to get on the road to getting what they truly want. 

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