I’m the photographer, Chris Wray. Whilst I used to take photographs as a business, now I only do this for pleasure.

Occasionally I get a request for a photography assignment that sounds really intriguing, and sometimes can’t resist picking up the photo gear and getting back into it.

My assignments were varied, but head-shots were the most common, I also did a lot of product work and spend quite a lot of time on fashion and jewellery. This was mostly creating photographs and images for online shops, occasionally making food look scrumptious, and making all of the clients products look fab.

I used to photograph weddings, and do family portraits, but I don’t really do that now unless its by special request. Being a wedding photographer is hard work these days, and so many good wedding images are ruined by wanna-be photographers and their smartphones and iPads. I feel so sorry for the married couple.

Most photographers like to talk not only about the photographs they like to take, but about all the camera’s and gear they use too. I sold the vast majority of mine on E-Bay. Perhaps I’m a Minimalist photographer now.

I’ve left my Chris Wray Photography Facebook Page up. It still gets far too many views given the fact I haven’t updated it in the last three years.

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