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One of my arch enemies and I hate myself for it most of the time. I’d just love to get rid of this habit. I even know how to solve the problem, I just can;t seem to actually follow instructions. I even created another blog around it.


The Corporation – recommended by a friend and available on Netflix and I believe its also available on Amazon for those with Prime Accounts. A story of how Big Business is consuming world resources without a care. Something we see evidence of over and over again.


Nothing, a New Scientist book. A second-hand version picked by my partner. She perhaps had my minimalist intentions in mind when she chose it.

Surprised by

A sudden rush to my minimalist blog from Reddit readers. An entry entitled ‘Stuff makes you anxious and depressed‘.


Or at least trying to solve WooCommerce delivery of virtual products. Orders are stuck either in the ‘on hold’ status, or not ‘completing’ automatically.

Discovering that 1and1 don’t allow you to create an SPF record, meaning that all my e-mail is going into recipients junk folders. Another reason to migrate to Bluehost.


The last of my ‘Building a Successful Technology Startup‘ lessons completed this week.


The image is taken from the top of the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. I’ve not had my USB Adaptor with me to download recent photographs, so only got around to looking at them this week.

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